Student Testimonials

The program motivated me to strive for greater aspects in life. It helped me develop a stronger mindset and clearer path that would lead me to success in my near future as well as later aspirations in my life. Now that I am studying political science at the University of Alabama, having the courage to step outside of my world and go on that trip has led me to be the fearless leader I am today and continue to strive to be in my future endeavors.


2012 participant

Currently a junior at The University of Alabama

Going behind the scenes was inspiring and exciting. Traveling from Montgomery to D.C. was a very big experience for me because I saw and heard stories that will change my life and only pushes me harder for success.


2018 participant

Currently a freshman at Alabama State University

This experience was a once in a lifetime experience. When we went to Google, I was so inspired. After touring Howard University, I [saw] myself there. This trip showed me the opportunities that are out there. This trip was only the beginning of what is a super bright future.


2018 participant

Currently attending Howard University

The trip changed the direction of my life. I never had the opportunity to be exposed to such a different lifestyle, until I was granted the gift of being able to go on the trip.


2016 participant

Currently owns his own business in Eastchase