How to Apply

The 2019 Marching On application is open to all 10th and 11th grade students at Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Sidney Lanier, George Washington Carver, Parking Cross and McIntyre Academy High Schools.


The six program participants are selected through a highly competitive application process. A committee of community leaders and program mentors will review each application to determine which students demonstrate the strongest commitment to personal success and that they believe would benefit most from the program.


Important Dates


In order to apply, students MUST be available for the following dates and times. All meetings will occur in Montgomery at a to-be-determined location. If you have—or may have—scheduling conflicts with these times, you should not apply.


  • Friday 2/1 by 5PM: Submit complete application materials to

  • Sunday 2/3: Finalists are informed if chosen for an in-person interview

  • Monday - Wednesday 2/4 -2/6: Students must be available after school on one of these days for in-person interview

  • Thursday 2/7: Students informed if selected for program

  • Saturday 2/9 time TBD: Students, families, and chaperones meet to prepare for trip

  • Saturday 2/16 time TBD: Team-building activity and meeting for students and chaperones

  • Saturday 3/2 time TBD: Team-building activity and meeting for students and chaperones

  • Saturday 3/9 time TBD: Team-building activity and meeting for students and chaperones

  • Sunday 3/17 at 8AM – Thursday 3/21 at 11PM: Trip to Washington, D.C.!


Application Requirements:

  • Submit your complete application in one email by 5:00 PM on Friday February 1 to

  • Responses should be sent as attachments in the email

  • Responses should be typed in a word document using size 12, Times New Roman black font

  • Include all of the materials listed below. Incomplete applications that do not comply with these requirements will be disqualified

Students must submit the following materials:

1. Contact Information

  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Cell Phone #, School Name, Grade, Parent/Guardian Name, Parent/Guardian Cell Phone #

2. One page essay explaining why you want to participate in the program, how your participation will help you “march on” towards your goals, and reasons you believe you should be selected. The most persuasive essays are those that well-thought out and planned, edited, and speak from the heart.

3. One teacher recommendations stating why you should be selected for the trip. You may scan the recommendation or take a photo of the letter and attach the image to the email.

4. Short-answer responses to the following questions:

  • List up to 3 extracurricular activities that you are involved in and briefly explain the role you play in that activity (e.g. sports, school clubs, volunteer services, church groups etc.)

  • Answer each of the following questions in 3-5 complete sentences:

    • Based on the itinerary, which activity are you most interested in and why?

    • Pick one person/meeting from the itinerary. What advice or questions would you want to ask them?

  • Describe a time when you needed to collaborate with classmates or peers other than your closest friends on a project or assignment. How did you handle working with people that you did not necessarily want to?

5. A copy of your 2018 (spring and fall) report card, including all of your classes from those semesters. You can obtain this from one of your teachers or guidance counselors. You may scan the report card or take a photo of it and attach the image to the email.

Questions about the program or application? Please contact